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Finally we know the flight in which the band come to Spain, and know that the flight leaves from Buenos Aires to 21:40 this same night, and that arrived tomorrow at Spain on the 14:30 from afternoon, to the airport of Barajas, exactly to the T4.
If you can, you do not doubt in acercaros to receive them, but to remember that the flights can be delayed. Also we recommended to you that you do not try to take things so that they sign to you, is not going to give time to them, and to try to have an attitude from calm to its exit, we hoped that the incidents that happened in December do not return to happen.
Later, the band have their press conference single whom journalists will be able to enter, I say it because there is much people asking on it and not like explaining that there they do not let enter anybody, and but late the encounter and interviews in the Los 40 Principales.
Also we have some another data about the festival "Sunny Happy Day" I put you everything here, to point it if it is necessary:
Place: Paseo de la Alameda, between the Bridge of Calatrava and the Bridge of the Flowers, in the old channel of the Rio Turia, near the metro station of Alameda.
Hour: on 10 and the average one in the morning until the 2 of afternoon approximately, one went ahead.

- Wednesday 20 of June Arrival to Spain, press conference, promotion, session of photos.... Prox. but information with them flight.
- Thursday 21 of June Valencia "Sunny happy day"
Mini concert festival "Sunny happy day"
- City: Valencia
- Place: Paseo de la Alameda 
- Hour: 11:00 to 14:00
- Duracion: unknown
- Purchase of entrances: free 
- Note: subject to modifications, sera emitted in direct by Telecinco, did not even present their new CD.
- Friday 7 of September at Bilbao
- Saturday 8 of September at Ponferrada (Leon)
- Sunday 9 of September at Valladolid
- Wednesday 12 of September at Barcelona
- Friday 14 of September at La Coruna
- Sunday 16 of September at Madrid
- Friday 21 of September at Albacete
- Sunday 23 of September at Murcia

Erreway: new composition and the new songs
Passed neither much nor little, and almost three years from that moment, as Erreway they finished their concert activity and were radiated by "rebellious ways". Today they again were collected in order to visit Spain with the sequential stage. And as sourly this did not sound, nowhere group Erreway to come out is assembled besides Spain. You are glad? We also...
Well and for those, who separately do not survive because of the thoughtlessly carried out years in the hope on from arrival, we report. The date of the arrival of the new composition of group slightly changed. According to the latest data Argentinian stars will stay in Spain from 31 August through 23 September and will give about 8-10 concerts. The cities, which Erreway promise to visit - this Madrid, Oviedo, Murcia, Andalusia and the Pais Basco. The Spanish weekly SuperPop emphasizes what all facts enumerated above are not the finally confirmed information. Thus, Erreway it seems again are collected revolutions, only in the very compressed space. Reliz of new album producers intend to carry out before the beginning of tour through Spain. Well and in the confirmation of the serious intentions of group - photo from the new photo-session it is now narrower than Erreway. Let us recall that Luisana into the stage will not go.